Racism In America

Some of the racist bigoted comments I see on the web are ABSOLUTELY appalling and abhorrent. What you White Supremacists’ fail to understand is that not all black people fit into a statistic or stereotype.You all constantly misquote criminal statistics, lie, exaggerate to the utmost degree, and try to divert attention away from all the evils that the white society also commits on a daily basis. Let’s talk about how white society is more prone to perverted acts with children including molestation, rape, child pornography and etc. How it has been proven that the white society on a average basis discriminates against blacks concerning jobs, real estate, bank related activities and etc. And mind you these are not the “so-called” niggers that you racists LOVE to speak of these are high wage making blacks with masters, PhD’s, that graduated at the tops of their classes. The White society is an sickness…No one asked for your “civilization”. No one asked for your technology. No one asked for your Government.  I am a 22 year old,young gay black male and I have never been to jail, I have never played knockout or anything similar, I don’t call women bitches, I don’t sag my pants, and I have never worked a minimum wage job in my life or any job that white people deem stereotypical for a black to have. I’ve experienced homelessness for over 3 years of my life but If you heard me speak you’d say I sound white or I talk proper for a black guy. I play video games, I love video games, and I love to cook. I listen to Zedd, Paramore, Oh Land, The Gee Girls, Swedish House Mafia, and etc. One day I want to create a AAA video game that involves more than the stereotypical White Saviour complex as a story-line. With characters that portray realism and break the mold on what these characters are perceived to be via societies stereotypes. But even after all of that I’m still a faggot nigger to most of you white people. When I walk by your women clutch their purses to themselves and hurriedly grab their childrens’ hands. But that isn’t racism?  Racism is not something that you’re born with it’s something that you learn through your parents, through different social ties, through family, friends, and our society. We are all equal but throughout history The Caucasoid race has made it EXTREMELY evident that we’re not. Because if we were all so-called “equal” then why over CENTURIES has the White Race consistently tried to so called “Improve” other races they deemed lesser than themselves. Yes blacks do need to step up and take charge of their own destinies and acknowledge that there is racism and a myriad of other issues.Through the White societies attempted systematic degradation of all minorities besides their own we are still suffering from it to this day. Instead of racists’ just making racist comments why don’t you try to change the status quo in this nation.


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