Being Me

I used to think that I was a nobody. Just a nothing, nobody, wandering, lonely soul. Drifting through the void… I had no idea who I was, what I wanted, who I wanted to become, what I wanted to do… I just simply ‘was’. I existed in a world where my talents were always less than never greater. I always had a dream to be a great video game designer now my passion is helping youth who face homelessness funny how life works huh? My childhood was a rough one. My family wasn’t necessarily a wealthy one but neither were we poor. My mother was the youngest of 9 raised by a low class woman with a severe drinking problem and a love for married men. My mother was a broken soul who tried her best to be everything that her parent was not. Sometimes I wonder whether she failed or passed that test. But that’s my problem to dwell on I know. My mother wasn’t an emotional woman no adult in my family is. Because the root of their lives their mother lacked the capacity and the emotional equipment necessary to install within her children. I now look back and say Oh God how different my life would’ve been if hundreds of different events had been tweaked just a bit or removed altogether. But the Jeremey Geron-Lee Burnett who’s currently sitting here typing holding back tears wouldn’t be who he is. I can admit I’m broken too… but with the strength of my partner and The Creator of All Things I’ll be able to piece myself back together to a new Jeremey who will look back at his broken remnants not in sadness but in reverie or thoughtfulness. Until next time guys… PEACE, LOVE, and HARMONY to all.


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